Board 2021-2022


Tiffany Chang

Executive VP

Patricia Pierson


Tatiana Pineda


Mike Goodstein

Financial Secretary

Ali Soudmand

VP Membership

Ludmila Pires

VP Technology

Will Lee

VP Programs

Sue Zhao


Cheryl D'Anna



Committee Chairs 2021-2022

Room Parent Coordinator

Marla Weingart

Dine-Out Coordinator

Ludmila Pires

Where does the money go?

Chromebooks, Assemblies, Family Fun Fest, School Improvements...

Our fundraising efforts channel money directly to University Park Elementary School for programs that support excellence in education for ALL of our students.

What are we?

We are a group of parent volunteers who have committed our time, talents and resources to support, enhance, improve and enrich our children's education.

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