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Open Positions for 2018-2019 PTA Board/Committee
We have open positions for next year, can you help? Pleases email if you are interested.
  • Treasurer: Responsible for maintaining financial records of the PTA and filing related IRS documents. Assist in financial aspect of activities that involve revenue.  Oversee the budget process and present the budget for adoption by the Executive Board and Association.  Prepare all financial reports, pay all authorized bills, and present monthly financial reports at the monthly Executive Board meetings and each Association meeting.  Prepare and present a year end financial summary for the Executive Board and the Association.  Submit the year end financial summary to IUCPTA.

  • President: Direct the affairs of the Association in cooperation with the other members of the Executive Board. Coordinate with school administration in all PTA affairs. Conduct Executive Board and general meetings. Serve as ex-officio member of all committees.  Represent University Park at monthly IUCPTA (Irvine Unified Council PTA) meetings.  Communicate events and information to the Executive Board and ensure that communications are properly relayed to University Park staff and families.


  • Financial Secretary: Deposit all monies received by the PTA, keep accurate records of all deposits for filing with the Treasurer’s financial records.   Prepare a monthly deposit detail report with a summary of all of the monthly deposits.


  • Parliamentarian: Assist the president when questions of procedure arise. Parliamentary law is an orderly set of rules for conducting meetings of organized groups for the purpose of accomplishing their goals fairly.
    • Offer advice on parliamentary procedures and PTA bylaws.
    • Chair the bylaws committee and helps make revisions to the bylaws as necessary.

    • Chairs the meetings of the nominating committee after helping to form the nominating committee.

    • Organize incoming committee chairs and communicate with them about their responsibilities on the PTA

What does the PTA do at UP?  Below is a list of some of the events, programs and supplies that the PTA provides for our school, teachers, staff and--most importantly--our students.

  • School Supplies
  • Art and History Enrichment Programs
  • Technology 
  • Assemblies
  • Jog-A-Thon
  • Emergency Supply Fund
  • Family Fun Events
  • Parent Education Seminars
  • Bike Safety Festival
  • Teacher and Staff Appreciation
  • Book Fair
  • Books for the library AND classrooms
  • Lunchtime Activities
  • UP Dads "Manthers"
  • Panther "Pawsitive" Awards
  • PTA Reflections Art Competition
  • ACE After School Enrichment Classes
  • Box Tops



The University Park PTA believes that your participation and involvement at UP has a positive impact on your child's overall educational experience.  When your child observes you participating, whether it is in the classroom, at school events, or at home projects, they learn about what it means to be a part of a community.  We encourage you to come be a part of this community at UP and see why your presence is their PRIDE.

Where does the money go?

Chromebooks, Assemblies, Family Fun Fest, School Improvements...

Our fundraising efforts channel money directly to University Park Elementary School for programs that support excellence in education for ALL of our students.

What are we?

We are a group of parent volunteers who have committed our time, talents and resources to support, enhance, improve and enrich our children's education.

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